While she was interested in meteorology, she didnt necessarily see it as a career. He battered the rapist, beating him so badly he suffered a bleed How To Turn Off Steam, How To See News Feed On Facebook Business Page, How Does The National News Media Engage In Agenda Setting, How Far Is Newport News To Virginia Beach. This website contains other affiliate links as well, which means I may earn a small commission if you purchase a product via a link from this website. We and our partners share information on your use of this website to help improve your experience. Detroit news anchor-reporter Sandra Ali sets aside her journalist's role to post frankly about thinking before we speak, particularly to women who're pregnant -- or assumed to be. g&&d(16,b);else{if("https://"===b.substr(0,8)||"http://"===b.substr(0,7)||"//"===b.substr(0,2))return b;for(var f in a)if(0===b.indexOf(f+"/")){f=b.replace(f,a[f]);if(b!==f)return u(e)?f+". To brighten the undereye area, she uses RCMA concealer and foundation palette ($72) in a color thats two shades lighter than actual skin tone, then sets it with the brands translucent powder ($12). Do Fox News anchors wear wigs? Do TV news anchors get a clothing allowance? After graduating from University of North Carolina Charlotte with a bachelors degree in meteorology, she got a masters degree in physics from North Carolina A&T University. Vote for your favorite beauty products now! News is arguably more crucial than ever, and anchors point out that how they look is far less important than the story they're on-air to share. It's sort of erratic. For breaking news, she sticks to ponytails, slickbacks, or natural curls; in the field, she adds mascara, bronzer, and lip gloss. Hamiltons natural journey began six years ago. There used to be a time when youd spray [powder] onto guys, and it looked awful. var d,e=null;return(c=b(c+""))&&!b(c.replace(a,function(a,b,c,f){d&&b&&(e=0);if(0===e)return a;d=c||b;e+=!f-!c;return""}))?Function("return "+c)():null}function l(a,b,c){a.addEventListener?a.addEventListener(b,c,!1):a.attachEvent("on"+b,c)}var e=D();if(null===e||!0!==d(e))for(var e=document.getElementsByTagName("script"),q=0;q "+e);return}l.exec([h])})},0)):d(15,a)},getDeps:function(){return!0===b?m:[]},get:function(a){l.add(a)},closeDefine:function(){g=!0;!1===b&&(b=!0,l.exec([void 0]))}}}function K(a){function b(b,e,g){if(0